About us

We are a technology company focused on optimising energy and water, with improved asset performance. We focus on the core utilities of the industries, commercial buildings, and agriculture.

We empower our customers with the visibility of performance and condition of the machines at an equipment level using smart digital twins that drastically reduce the need for expensive instrumentation.

We offer integrated sustainability services and handhold the customers through collaborative remote work for continuous improvements.

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We maximize sustainability outcomes within the available resources.

Our vision

Optimise Performance,
Save Energy & Water

Our Mission

Integrating Sustainability,
Maximizing Resource Efficiency

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The Problem We Solve

The Utilities such as Pumping Systems, HVAC, and Cooling Towers account for significant energy and water consumption in the generation and utilization of energy and water systems.

These Utilities waste humongous energy and water, due to the lack of visibility of performance and tools for optimisation.

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Our Strategy

We focus on fundamental challenges, such as the water-energy nexus with our commitment to persistent R&D efforts, that unlock significant improvement in energy and water efficiencies across the sectors.

We create a stack of technology innovations that can address these challenges and build them into a scalable platform.

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Our Work

Over the last two decades, we have created several innovative technology solutions, building Smart Digital Twins.

It can cost-effectively monitor the performance and condition of Utilities at an equipment level and continuously optimise performance, pinpointing the losses.

Our Key Innovations

Redefining Utility Performance

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Virtual Pump Station

Pump Performance and Condition Monitoring using only an energy meter.

(Patent 236496)

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Virtual Chiller Plant

Chiller Plant Virtualisation & Continuous Commissioning, using only energy and temperature inputs.

(Patent Pending)

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Virtual Cooling Tower

Pump Performance and Condition Monitoring using only an energy meter.

(Patent Extension)

Critical Utilities can absorb well over 50% of the Energy and O&M cost.

Our Core Team

Raphel Thomas

Managing Director

“He had a key role in Innovative Technology Development, and evolving the next generation of Integrated Sustainability Solutions”

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He is an engineer-innovator-entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in large turnkey electrical and instrumentation projects and IT Solutions. Executed several advanced performance management solutions leveraging IoT and Big Data.

He is also involved in several advanced research programs with leading academia such as Columbia University and several IITs in India. He has successfully developed and deployed projects for sustainable water management in industries, utilities, and agriculture, solving the complex interdisciplinary (water-energy) nexus.

Dr. Arun Pande

Director & Chief Scientist

"He is responsible for the research and development and institutional partnerships with the scientific communities."

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He has 30+ years of experience in research, technology development, conceptualizing and deploying innovative solutions in the field. A senior consultant to Media Lab Asia, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India. Former Chief Scientist & Head of TCS Innovation Labs, Mumbai. Successfully led the development of Innovative ICT platform (mKRISHI®)- awarded the Grand Prize of USD 500,000 by Qualcomm. A Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Notre Dame USA; A senior member of IEEE and has served on IEEE’s Industrial advisory board.

Ron Thomas

Director & CTO

"AS the Chief Technology Officer, he oversees the technology development and deployment across the organisation and its subsidiaries."

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He has hands-on experience in advanced plant virtualization solutions for optimizing energy, water and asset performance.

He holds an MBA from MIT School of Management and his KRAs include design development and deployment of field Instrumentation, using conventional solutions and IoT; interfacing the Datamatrix Technology and customized solutions for Sustainability.

He is the recipient of a cash award and special training for the top 20 Innovative Ideas of India from IIM-Ahmedabad, CIIE in 2016

Our Technology Evolution

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Datamatrix and Partners work together in bridging the knowladge gap for improving Sustainability